We are committed to offering you a Covid-19 safe environment:

We keep the door and window open during the activity and leave time between activities to ventilate the room. 

We have a Hepa air filter and a carbon dioxide measuring apparel that informs when the air has too much exhaled breath. 

We limit the amount of people in our studio, being 8 the maximum allowed. Some flexibility upto 12 people could be allowed, depending on the kind of activity. 

Face masks should be worn inside the studio, except on the yoga mat. 

In the supposed case of an activity that allows 12 people, face masks must be worn with no exception. (We reserve our right to modify this protocol, depending on the activity offered and the general situation of the pandemic. Please check with us if you have any doubts about this.)

We keep safe inter-personal distance during every activity.

The professionals who rent the space commit to respect the safety measures imposed by the catalan government regarding prevention of covid-19, as expressed in https://dogc.gencat.cat/es/document-del-dogc/index.html?documentId=917811

Also, every person that comes to our studio, commits to respect the following Covid-19 protocol:

  • carefully sanitize hands before entering the studio and after coming out of the rest room
  • take off the shoes and leave them at the reception entrance 
  • wear a face mask following the protocol that´s operating at the moment
  • bring his/her own material for the activity or use the studio´s, committing to clean it thoroughly and bring a towel or cloth to protect the studio´s mat and blanket. 
  • respect safety distances 
  • in case of close contact to a positive covid-19 case, inform us so we can inform whomever could be affected by this situation, and do not come to the studio. 

We thank you very much for helping us keep doing what we love with safety and respect for everyone around.