In Terrenal Arts&YogaStudio you will find different classes and workshops, all carefully curated to offer you a nurturing and enriching experience. Some are offered regularly and others are offered on a specific date. Please check the agenda fo updated information.


Physical and vocal training based on anthropological theatre techniques, with a focus on building presence and consistency on stage as a solid starting point for creativity and expression. Monthly commitment required.


Through play and improvisation, we embody the basic concepts of performance, gradually incorporating tools and techniques that will help develop not only our creative identity but also build confidence in front of the public. Commitment during three months is required.

DRAMA FUSION (kids 9-12)

Working through play and improvisation we will plant the seeds for individual and group scenes, engaging body, voice and text in a creative process that will lead the child into her/his own, personal way of creative expression. Commitment during three months is required.

DANZARÍN (kids 3-5)

Through play and sensory stimuli, children are motivated into moving freely, getting to better know their bodies and its potential. We work on space, rythm, basic dancing concepts (like balance, weight and impulse), and relaxation. We dance along different types of music and rythms, we play with elements, improvising and creating from the personal needs of every child. Three months commitment required.

DANZARÍN (families)

A workshop for families who wish to enjoy dance and play together. A beautiful way to reconnect as a family and spend quality time together.


Voice as play. Voice as meditation.

In  Vocal Experience we embody our authentic voice , building a personal relationship with its sound and all its faces and awakening its potential in a vocal journey that goes from play and improvisation to the subtlety of silence.