About Us

Behind Terrenal are Caro and Miguel. We met sixteen years ago in a clown training in Buenos Aires and, since then, we´ve been sharing yoga mats, stages, two sons and three dogs and much more... until today. 

Arts&YogaStudio takes its shape in 2021 but it is a project that has been brewing for a long time. It springs from our wish to unify under one roof everything that has nurtured and keeps nurturing us, and to share its life changing benefits with all: yoga and meditation, performing arts and bodyvoice training, music, voice and poetry, all very apparently diverging techniques but with the same power of integrating mind, body and spirit in the present-moment experience.

It is through these enriching practices and through many of other kinds, that we can embody breath, sound and silence, creative flow and the infinite possibilities of our body as an instrument of creative expression and wellbeing

It is our wish that this place and everything it has to offer, serves and inspires you.