En Terrenal ofrecemos actividades y talleres de expresión creativa para adultos y para niños. Algunas actividades son regulares y otras se realizan de forma puntual.


Physical and vocal training based on anthropological theatre techniques, with a focus on building presence and consistency on stage as a solid starting point for creativity and expression. Monthly commitment required.


Through play and improvisation, we embody the basic concepts of performance, gradually incorporating tools and techniques that will help develop not only our creative identity but also build confidence in front of the public. Commitment during three months is required.

DRAMA FUSION (kids 9-12)

Working through play and improvisation we will plant the seeds for individual and group scenes, engaging body, voice and text in a creative process that will lead the child into her/his own, personal way of creative expression. Commitment during three months is required.

DANZARÍN (kids 3-5)

Through play and sensory stimuli, children are motivated into moving freely, getting to better know their bodies and its potential. We work on space, rythm, basic dancing concepts (like balance, weight and impulse), and relaxation. We dance along different types of music and rythms, we play with elements, improvising and creating from the personal needs of every child. Three months commitment required.

DANZARÍN (families)

A workshop for families who wish to enjoy dance and play together. A beautiful way to reconnect as a family and spend quality time together.


Voice as play. Voice as meditation.

In  Vocal Experience we embody our authentic voice , building a personal relationship with its sound and all its faces and awakening its potential in a vocal journey that goes from play and improvisation to the subtlety of silence.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga sessions are ideal for beginners and also for those who want to build a consistent practice over time. With a special focus on organic alignment, we travel along the postures experiencing strength, flexibility and balance, creating a safe and effective practice from the start. Body, breath and mind united in a healing and comforting practice. 

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a dynamic practice which combines postures, mantras and mediation to awaken the body and the mind, and activate the flow of energy. In the physical level,  Kundalini Yoga increases the blood flow, promoting oxygenation of the body as a whole, improving vitality, activating attention and awakening consciousness.

Chair Yoga

Yoga sessions with the support of a chair in both seated and standing postures.  Ideal for seniors or for anyone with a body sensitivity (in knees, wrists, joints...).  A gentle, safe practice, with the same benefits as yoga on the mat.

Vocal Vinyasa

Vocal Vinyasa integrates voice into yoga practice. Performing asanas with sound allows the practitioner to feel the vibration of the voice rooted in the body and brings awareness to its deep connection to breath. A holistic practice that purifies, revitalises and unlocks the body and the flow of energy within it.

Private Yoga

Private yoga sessions are 100% tailored to your individual needs and agenda. This highly personalised practice offers you a unique opportunity to deepen into the present moment of your body, mind and emotions, allowing you to walk the yoga path at your own pace, and incorporating new tools and habits useful both on and off the mat. 

Restorative Yoga

In these sessions, yoga postures are held during longer periods of time supported by props that bring comfort and grounding to the practitioner. 

Restorative Yoga affects directly into the parasympathetic nervous system, guiding the body and the mind into a deep state of relaxation. An antidote to the stress and hurry of our current lives.



Trabajamos técnicas de expresión física y vocal inspiradas en el teatro antropológico, buscando el desarrollo de la presencia en escena como punto de partida previo a la expresión y la creatividad. Compromiso  de participación mensual.


A través del juego y la improvisación vamos integrando los conceptos básicos de la expresión escénica, incorporando herramientas y recursos que nos ayudarán no sólo a desarrollar nuestra identidad creativa, sino también a fortalecer la capacidad de expresarnos con confianza y libertad frente al público. Compromiso mínimo trimestral.

(Niños de 9 a 12 años)

Taller de expresión corporal dramática para niñ@s entre 9 y 12 años. Trabajamos desde el juego y la improvisación para, poco a poco, ir gestando semillas de escenas individuales o grupales, donde el trabajo con el cuerpo, la voz, y la palabra harán que cada niñ@ encuentro su propia forma de expresión. Compromiso mínimo trimestral.


La voz en el cuerpo, en el espacio, en la relación con el otro. La voz como experiencia lúdica. La voz como experiencia meditativa. 

En Vocal Experience vamos construyendo una relación personal con nuestra voz auténtica, reconociendo sus facetas y despertando su potencial, en un viaje sonoro que va desde el juego y la improvisación hacia la sutileza y el silencio.

Dada la situación actual, tenemos previsto iniciar estas actividades en septiembre. 
¡Muchas gracias!